Hummer Ran Out of Fans, Autoevolution Poll Reveals

Hummer's fan list is definitely not what it used to be in the old days. At least that's what we are to understand from our latest poll results. Curious to see our readers' reaction to the news that Chinese Tengzhong is mulling over a potential Hummer takeover, we initiated a poll with the following question “Chinese Hummer or no Hummer at all?”

As previously mentioned, we now know for sure that the number of Hummer fans is dwindling. At least that's how we'd interpret the decisive 52% result from the “I don't really care about Hummer” option.

Our first option, "I'd rather see the brand dead than in the hands of the Chinese", came second in popularity with 28 percent, which can either indicate patriotism or another form of indifference.

Only 19% of our users chose the “I'm not fond of the Chinese, but I don't want to see Hummer gone” option, which is shockingly low.

The latest news regarding Hummer's future came two days ago when we reported that the Chinese plan to move some of the production to China. Such a possibility is even being taken into account by Yang Yi, Tengzhong's general manager, who told the Chinese Central Television that "in the future, it's very likely for us to build up a Hummer production base in China".

According to reports, Tengzhong would invest 450 million yuan ($65.8 million) on top of the purchase price for Hummer in its native country to build a Hummer production line in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan provence.

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