Hummer Muscle Car? New Electric SUV Turns into a Dodge Challenger

The rumors about electric muscle cars are not new, and everybody was disappointed when Ford revealed the Mustang Mach E. It looked fine for an electric crossover, but we wanted something with the Ludicrous performance of a Tesla and the look of a boxy Dodge.
Hummer Muscle Car? New Electric SUV Turns into a Dodge Challenger 1 photo
Photo: superrenderscars/Instagram
The brutal acceleration you get from an electric motor and the weight you inevitably have to add to give an EV decent range are actually a pretty good match for muscle cars.

Somehow, Dodge, Chevy and Ford all failed to recognize that and give us the right product. GM, however, did see a weird connection between thick batteries and the defunct Hummer brand. They're working on a spiritual successor to the H1-H3 that's also a truck and an EV.

It's going to be quite interesting, to say the least. Even though every designer has looked at that GMC Hummer grille and tried to make his/her own rendering, only one artist saw a muscle car hidden in there.

This crude but extremely effective image by superrenderscars plays with your imagination in so many ways. Is this the kind of grille you should expect from an electric muscle car? Well... yes, obviously. The lights also resemble those of the cars in the Cyberpunk demo, in case you guys caught that.

Why have a hood scoop on an EV? Maybe it's there for the system that cools the battery after an insane drag race where you smash every V8. We can't picture a world where the cool cars don't have scoops, ram air intakes and wide tires you can smoke.

Obviously, the best company to put a Hummer grille on a muscle car would be Chevy. But their designs have been a bit too futuristic for that. Just look at the Camaro and the Blazer.

Do you guys think EVs should have 60s or 70s simple styling like this? And does his grille work for the Challenger? Let us know in know in the comments section.

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