Humanity Is Very Close to Making Contact With Aliens, Dr. Michio Kaku Says

If you find that alien sightings are no longer isolated incidents only unreliable people report, you’re not alone. Just last week, the Pentagon confirmed that leaked U.S. Navy videos of UFOs were real, and Dr. Michio Kaku has some thoughts to share on the topic.
Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku believes humanity will be making contact with alien life soon 1 photo
The esteemed theoretical physicist, author, and science communicator, whose credits include a few appearances on Ancient Aliens, tells TMZ in an interview that the more frequent alien sightings can only mean that humanity will be making contact this century. It’s nothing to lose sleep about, fortunately, because it doesn’t look like aliens are out to get us. Not yet, at least.

Dr. Michio Kaku believes that, unless the recent UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) spotted are advanced secret weaponry, they are confirmation of extraterrestrial life. He’s referring to those UAPs/UFOs captured on camera by U.S. Navy personnel throughout 2019 and revealed to the larger public in a series of leaked videos and photos. You can see one such video below.

Dr. Kaku says that, if these are alien ships, which he thinks they are, they prove two things: number one, humanity is nothing to them since they’re so technologically advanced that they can come and go as they please; and number two, with our technology also evolving, we should be making contact with them this century.

At the end of the chat, Dr. Kaku also offers a piece of advice on what to do if aliens ever abduct you. No, it’s not to fight for your life because alien abductions are known to end with the human’s return to Earth. It’s to steal something, no matter how small, from the alien ship. Even if it’s “an alien paperclip,” bring it back with you, so researchers have something to analyze in the lab.

All jokes aside, both his advice and his conclusion about alien contact seem grounded in common sense.


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