Human Gesture Controlled Robots Mean We're One Step Away from Bot Fighting

The idea of having robots do our hard work is what sparked the industrial age in the first place. Well, that and the fact that they opened the way for larger profits.
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Now that they've become a common presence on every assembly line and their programming can be so precise, it's time we moved on to the next level, which is exact remote manipulation.

People have been using directly-operated robots to perform certain tasks for quite a while. If you think about it, even the common crane that lifts things is a machine that responds to a human's commands, as are the laparoscopic tubes used by surgeons. But up until now, these "robots" needed a direct contact with the person in control.

This is where Madeline Gannon comes in, with her new gesture-based interface between humans and machines. Her invention focuses on expanding the range of ways in which these helpful robots can come to the aid of humans.

Right now, the robots see the world as a series of ones and zeros, but thanks to Gannon's new gesture-based control software, a robot could gain all the infinite nuances in between. That's because it wouldn't be acting based on a pre-defined routine or following inputs from a clunky interface, but via direct recognition of human gestures.

It would basically be like having an exoskeleton that you can just as well step out of and control from a distance. Gannon's idea is to take robots out of the confines of factories and give them a much wider use in all sorts of other fields, such as construction, for example.

Of course, don't be surprised if you'll see robot boxing matches well before having one of these things install the tiles on your bathroom's floor. That's just human nature.

You can find out more about this project and Madeline Gannon's ambitions (as well as seeing some robots in action) by watching the clip below.


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