Hugh Jackman Brings Toyota Camry to Thailand

They say actors are quite common to making a spare buck (or a lot more) starring in commercials outside the Western world. Since the directors inspire their own jokes and subtle moves into the scenarios, sometimes these commercials prove to be quite peculiar if not funny. Some haters out there would even say the actors make a fool of themselves.
Hugh Jackman Brings Toyota Camry to Thailand 1 photo
We’ve seen Brad Pitt promoting GM’s China made Cadillac XTS and Lionel Messi working with Chery Automobile for the Riich brand vehicles.

These aren't even half that weird as Nicholas Cage’s partnership with Beijing Automative Group for whom he was brand ambassador a couple of years ago. The Chinese automaker chose the Ghost Rider actor for the job mainly because he is well known among their 40-year-old buyers targeted by the company.

And if you think that is not a big deal, wait until you see what we left for dessert.

Yes, we’re thinking at Bruce Willis’ last year's Daihatsu commercial. The Die Hard movie star was playing a Hollywood actor (great inspiration by the way) contracted by the company to appear in its commercials in a 4 part series. Seeing the famous actor wearing traditional Japanese clothes was quite awkward, but hey we get the point it’s all about the money.

Anyway, getting back to the video in question, let us just say the X-Men star is not really that bad at doing what he does best, which is being the bad boy.

Whether Hugh Jackman is Toyota’s ambassador or the Camry commercial was rather a one type thing, we don’t really know. Point is it’s official, Wolverine is driving a Hybrid Camry, not in everyday life of course, in Toyota’s commercial for Thailand.


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