Huge Road Safety Fail Leads to Multiple Crashes and Dire Consequences

Riding in a group changes everything and everybody who is part of the respective group. This is the pure truth, and nothing can change this. However, if you ride in a larger group and want to make it safely back home, you'll have to double or triple awareness and change your riding style. And not even this is enough of a guarantee.
Motorcycle escort rider causes huge crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
The video appears to show a group of riders presumed to be the escorts for a road racing event. They are being passed by sports bikes, possibly en route to the next stage of the race, or at least this is what we suspect.

Some of the riders in the left lane (we'll call them racers, for lack of a better term) are traveling really fast, and we'd say much too fast given how crowded the road is. Despite the high speed, they are obviously not in a race, just being a little insane.

Not paying attention to the group puts a lot of people in danger

The camera bike which, by the way, appears to be a Ducati Panigale, slows down as the rider understands that the traffic will become stuck, but not everyone on the road sees things this way.

One of the escort riders is clearly not paying attention to what's happening in front of him. If you watch the footage carefully, you'll see his cruiser's brake light becoming lit only fractions of a second before he hits the stopped rider in front of him.

The bikes collide and the rider who caused the crash is thrown off his vehicle. As we already said, not all the bikers in the area seem to be too good at understanding traffic, as two more motorcycles appear from behind at very high speed.

The one in the left slightly clips the Panigale and ricochets off the road, while the other runs directly over the fallen cruiser rider, subsequently crashing to the ground meters after the impact.

The whole crash could have avoided so easily, if only the cruiser rider paid attention to the group he was in. And the rest of the guys behind could also be less mindless and ride in a more sensible manner, too.

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