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Huge Oklahoma Junkyard Is Home to 3,000 Classics, Some Need to Be Saved

Back in December 2021, we showed you a virtual tour of a junkyard in Oklahoma that included about 1,000 classic cars. That was a lot of metal to take in, but it's nowhere near as large as this 3,000-vehicle scrapyard from the same South Central state.
car junkyard in Aline, Oklahoma 6 photos
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Located in Aline, a small town in Alfalfa County, this junkyard has been operated since the 1950s. So it's not exactly surprising that it is now home to about 3,000 cars. It covers every single decade from the 1930s to the 1970s, so it's packed with cool and even a few rare vehicles.

Like any junkyard that stretches over countless square miles, this one's also heavily populated by nameplates that were sold by the millions during their peak eras. If you're a fan of old Chevrolets, this place includes hundreds of Impalas from the 1960s and Tri-Fives from the 1950s. There's no shortage of Caprice and Biscayne models either.

I also spotted lots of Pontiac from the 1960s, arguably the division's greatest era. Whether it's the GTO, Grand Prix, or Catalina, all have been retired here. There's also a Ventura, a short-lived nameplate that became an optional package for the Catalina after only two years on the market (1960-1961).

If you're a Mopar guy, you'll find loads of them too. The junkyard includes an impressive collection of 1950s Dodges, as well as a few Plymouths that you don't see on public roads anymore. Like the late 1950s Fury with its somewhat strange (but cool) rear fins. "Christine" vibes all the way.

But the rarest Mopars you'll see here are of the pickup truck variety. One of them is a 1939 truck of the Job-Rated variety (T series?). It's in a rather poor condition, but it's definitely salvageable. Sadly, it will probably spend many more years in this junkyard until it falls apart.

The other one is an early Dodge Town Panel. Introduced in 1954, it soldiered on alongside the Town Wagon until 1971. It was originally based on the C Series truck and it's viewed as the spiritual successor of the Ramcharger. While not very valuable, these panel trucks are hard to find nowadays.

Speaking of trucks, the property is packed with haulers from all major Detroit companies, with lots of examples coming from the 1950s and 1960s. There's also a 1970s Ford C-Series fire truck and an impressive collection of school buses.

The footage also shows a pair of Hudsons from the 1950s (not sure about the nameplates, but one might be a Hornet), but this junkyard may also include cars from other marques that have disappeared decades ago. It's a cool walk-around if you're into derelict classics.

Many of these vehicles are for sale, but this video only covers about a third of the scrapyard. And the cars you see here are not for parts, they are sold as they are. You can find out more about that by hitting the play button below.

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