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Huge Amount of Fail for Three Bike Riders

Riding with more than one passenger on a motorcycle or scooter is a truly common thing in Asian or South American countries, where two-wheelers are used mostly for daily transportation, and not for leisure.
Massive safety fail 1 photo
However, loading three teenager boys on a bike can produce unexpected results. And it's not about the bike's frame bending or even breaking, as the chassis is designed to withstand quite a lot of abuse... it's balance. Or the lack of balance, truth be told.

Guys who have ridden with a really heavy passenger on their motorcycles know how iffy the whole thing becomes. Still, with the bulk between the bike's axles, longitudinal stability remains unaffected.

Now, if the guy should move further to the back of the bike, there's no wheelie control system to prevent a crash. Too bad that for these three chaps, their bike also smashed into a parked car, also adding damage to shame.


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