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Huawei’s Navigation App Gets Plenty of New Features in the Latest Update

Huawei’s legal trouble in the United States is unlikely to come to an end too soon, so the company remains fully committed to improving all of its apps supposed to replace Google’s.
Huawei Petal Maps 1 photo
In fact, ever since mid-May 2019 when Huawei was officially banned in the United States, the Chinese company has been working non-stop not only on new alternatives to Google apps but also on polishing the experience with the existing ones.

When it comes to Google Maps, Huawei’s response is called Petal Maps, and unsurprisingly, it comes with a similar feature lineup that allows you to reach a specific destination a little bit more conveniently.

But Petal Maps is a work in progress and new updates are released on a regular basis with new features and additional polishing. And the most recent update to version 1.6 introduces a bunch of new capabilities supposed to make Petal Maps a better alternative to Google Maps.

First and foremost, Petal Maps now comes with a head-up display feature, something that’s already available in other navigation apps, but also with an option to avoid ferries when setting up a new route. At the same time, the application also optimizes volume adjustment for voice broadcasts during navigation, as well as the Bluetooth settings according to the changelog.

Then, Petal Maps is getting some features that make sense for these crazy times, allowing you to view the vaccination sites in France and Singapore.

And last but not least, if you’re searching for areas of interest, such as airports, Petal Maps now displays an outline of the place to better see each item on the map.

Petal Maps is available not only for Huawei devices but also for other Android smartphones, and needless to say, it comes with a freeware license, so it can be used at absolutely no cost by all users.


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