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Huawei’s Google Maps Replacement Gets Another Update That Makes Rivals Look Outdated

Huawei’s struggle to provide customers with alternatives to Google services continues, as this is pretty much the only option of the Chinese phone maker anyway.
Petal Maps navigation 6 photos
New Petal Maps featuresNew Petal Maps featuresNew Petal Maps featuresNew Petal Maps featuresNew Petal Maps features
Banned back in mid-May 2019 from using products developed by American companies, Huawei has started an ambitious project of building alternatives to Google products, all with the purpose of giving its users a solid reason to still invest in its devices.

When it comes to navigation, therefore, to replace Google Maps, Huawei has come up with an application called Petal Maps.

And as it turns out, the company is fully committed to building a very advanced application, with nearly every update bringing massive news in terms of new functionality.

The May updates released by Huawei for Petal Maps include several new capabilities, some of which are also improving the navigation component.

In addition to the AR walking navigation, which has been introduced earlier this year and which apparently has received a bunch of new refinements in this update as well, the latest versions also come with a free-drive mode for drivers.

Petal Maps can now display smart prompts about the road ahead while you’re driving, which means an active route is no longer required. The whole thing works as it does in Waze, where you can drive without navigation on the screen, and you still occasionally receive prompts about what’s happening on the road ahead.

In addition, Petal Maps also gets weather information, so you can get a quick overview of the precipitations in your area with the help of a rain layer. A temperature layer has also been introduced to make it easier to see the temperature changes in different areas.

These updates also come with seasonal themes but also with a message center to access all the information in one place.

Needless to say, those who rely on Petal Maps for navigation should update to the latest version as soon as possible to enjoy all these new capabilities.


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