Huawei’s Google Maps Alternative Gets New Features in the Latest Update

Huawei’s problems in the United States are yet to come to an end. While nobody knows if the new President plans to lift some of the Chinese tech giant’s restrictions imposed by the previous administration, the best thing the company can do is continue investing in its in-house built solutions.
Huawei's Petal Maps 1 photo
One of them is Petal Maps, Huawei’s very own alternative to Google Maps, which is supposed to provide users with advanced navigation on their phones.

Due to the sanctions in the United States, Huawei is no longer allowed to use Android and Google services on its smartphones. Therefore, Google Maps is missing from new Android devices, so the Chinese firm is now offering Petal Maps to customers buying the latest Huawei models.

The most recent update for Petal Maps makes it an even better alternative to Google Maps, as the Chinese firm has added new capabilities for users out there.

One of them is information about toll gates, ferries, and other points along your route. The whole purpose of this set of improvements is to allow for easier route planning, especially because it provides a better overview in advance for all users.

Additionally, Petal Maps can now display the route right on the lock screen, which means users can simply turn on the screen to get information on which way to go. This makes sense overall, as keeping the phone locked and unlocking it when needed helps preserve battery life. Just don’t do it while driving, of course, as looking at the phone periodically increases the level of distraction behind the wheel.

And last but not least, Petal Maps now includes the ability to resume your previous navigation session; this comes in handy particularly when the app closes unexpectedly. Again, keep in mind it’s a beta build we’re talking about here, so such an improvement is really useful for those who want to try out Petal Maps early.

The new version is available in Huawei’s App Gallery here.


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