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Huawei Confirms It Wants to Launch an Apple Car Rival by 2025

Chinese tech behemoth Huawei has recently confirmed that it plans to launch an autonomous car by 2025, therefore expanding its automotive strategy from working with other automakers and supplying them with the necessary software and services for smart vehicles to becoming a full stand-alone brand.
Huawei says it wants to launch a full autonomous EV by 2025 1 photo
While no specifics have been provided as to how Huawei wants to make this happen, Wang Jun, a senior executive at Huawei’s smart vehicle unit, said earlier this week the company plans to launch a self-driving car by 2025.

The timing isn’t necessarily surprising since Apple is also projected to roll out its very own autonomous EV in 2024 or 2025 at the earliest.

Huawei has always positioned its products as premium alternatives to Apple’s, so the company’s upcoming EV would be specifically supposed to compete against the Apple Car.

But on the other hand, the Chinese tech firm has one big problem to deal with in the race against Apple: the company is still struggling with a series of sanctions in the United States, so bringing its self-driving EV to Apple’s own playground and in other international markets will be impossible unless something changes in the meantime.

Huawei was originally banned in the United States in mid-May 2019 due to alleged ties with the Chinese government, with the company eventually being hit with more sanctions that blocked it from working with American companies and using their products. This is why Huawei still can’t use Android or Google services on its smartphones.

But on the other hand, Huawei believes that investing in the automotive market could help deal with the drop the company recorded in the smartphone market where the U.S. sanctions have clearly taken their toll.

Of course, Huawei’s self-driving EV is very likely to be a premium product, most likely powered by Huawei’s own autonomous car technology and running on Harmony OS, the in-house platform supposed to serve as an all-in-one software replacement to Android.


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