How Would You Like a BMW 5 Series Pickup ?

Inspired by last week’s BMW M4 Pickup rendering, we thought that a premium pickup wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing ever. If done right, we might even enjoy it and BMW would get a brand new niche to exploit. Let’s face it, the game the Bavarians have been playing lately involves a lot of new cars for a lot of niches. Furthermore, they ventured where nobody ever suspected they would, in the land of front-wheel drive, a taboo subject amongst enthusiasts. If such a ‘sacrilege’ was possible then what would stop them from committing yet another one? Only this time, the car wouldn’t be front wheel drive like the 2 Series Active Tourer but rear-wheel drive, as the automotive God intended cars to be. Introducing the BMW 5 Series Pickup
BMW 5 Series Pickup Rendering 3 photos
Photo: Original image by autoevolution
BMW 5 Series Pickup RenderingBMW 5 Series Pickup Rendering
Dwelling deep into our subconscious we found that the 5 Series might actually offer a good mix between space, practicality and even driving fun and we have good reasons to say so.

Everybody hurried to transform M models into pickups but nobody took into consideration their practical side. Sure, everyone likes an M car and the engines the Motorsport division puts together but that doesn’t mean they will be useful in such situations.

A 520d is a much better choice. It’s frugal, has plenty of torque to carry around anything you might need and can be fitted with every option you could think of.

Choosing the 5 Series chassis also makes sense because it’s big enough to offer plenty of room in the back. The bed in this case would be fitting to carry all sorts of objects, without taking up too much space from the cabin. Furthermore, due to BMW’s 35up platform that is bound to be hosting all rear-wheel drive models from now on, we can rest assured that this pickup will forever be RWD.

What wrong with this then?

This is a pickup, right? Therefore it must be used in all sorts of environments and, honestly, we find it hard to believe that anyone willing to pay 5 Series money on a car would ever use it in such a demeaning way. Nobody in its right mind wouldn’t order the White Nappa Leather inside and then go pick up some hay stacks from the middle of the field, on a rainy day. That just doesn’t work.

And yet, for people wanting something out of the ordinary, this might actually make sense. With a diesel, not a mad 4.4-liter V8. Trust us, the M5 has plenty of issues keeping the torque down as it is. Without any weight on the rear axle, it would be nearly undrivable.
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