How Volvo Drove an FH Truck on Two Wheels for Mapei’s “# Million Ways to Live” Music Video

What happens when you listen to a song that has a 60s Rock’N’Roll-ish vibe that has hip-hop lyrics? Apparently, you get a sudden urge to drive a truck on two-wheels. At least this is what happened to the team over at Volvo Trucks.
Volvo FH truck driving on two wheels 1 photo
To put it shortly, Volvo wants us to see an FH truck driving at a 45-degree angle, not very far from soul and hip-hop artist Mapei, who was hanging around to have her new music video filmed.

We see this as Volvo Trucks making sure we don’t forget how cool their marketing efforts are after the 2013 Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Split stunt. Back to 2015 now.

Mapei is currently on a tour of Europe that sees her and her best friend and director Liza, as well as professional driver Jens Karlsson living out a massive road trip in a Volvo FH truck. They have one week to film Mapei’s “# Million Ways to Live” music video and the two-wheels stunt was quite a highlight.
The challenges
Stunt teams drive vehicles on two wheels all the time, but the challenges here were double. First of all, this is a truck, which means the driver needs strong arms to fight the wheel during the stunt.

Then there are the safety systems of the FH, which wouldn’t let the truck play the angle game. These kept activating selective braking to bring the machine back on all four, so they were eventually disabled.

The stunt driver behind the wheel, Walter “Willy” Melis, pulled it off after a few tries and you can see the result in the clip below.

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