How to Use BMW’s Smokey Burnout Function

Way before the 2014 Detroit Auto Show even began, BMW revealed the 2015 BMW M3 and M4 online. The internet was filled with photos and info about the new models, the latter including a rather funny term: “Smokey Burnout”.
2015 BMW M3 Interior 1 photo
Initially, when I heard that the new M cars will have a function called ‘Smokey Burnout’, I though BMW was playing again, just like it did when it released the pick-up E92 M3. As it turned out later, they were serious.

So, what exactly is this thing? Well, it’s an optional feature that will allow you to make perfect burnouts whenever you feel the need to, without too much hassle.

Since we had some time to talk to BMW officials at the Show we simply had to ask them for a bit more info on the matter, like how to use it. As it turns out, it’s very simple.

Basically, it’s just like activating Launch Control but with a slight difference. When you activate LC you have to press the acceleration pedal to the floor, beyond the kick down pressure point, however you like. Remember this, it’s important.

The Smokey Burnout is activated just the same only that on cars that have this function, they way you press the gas pedal matters. If you press it gradually (slowly) you’ll activate launch control. If you smash it (press it hard and quick) you’ll enter the Smokey Burnout mode and you’ll burn a lot of rubber.

So, to recap, in the new M3 and M4, to activate launch control you have to come to a standstill, keep pressing the brake pedal, enter Sport+ mode (or press the DSC button), get the gearshift lever in manual mode (tilt it to the left) and press the accelerator beyond the kick-down point slowly and release the brake.

To activate Smokey Burnout, turn off the DSC (press the button next to the gearshift lever or enter Sport+ mode), get the gearshift lever in manual mode (tilt it to the left) and smash the gas pedal. Of course, during this whole ordeal you have to continuously press the brake pedal.
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