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How to Unclog Your Car's Spraying Nozzles

The windscreen, the wipers, the nozzles and the rest of interdependent parts are quite important for all drivers out there, especially in crowded cities were the high amount of dust requires a quick cleaning every once in a while. However, a tiny and insignificant element can turn a nice and sunny day into your worst nightmare...

How often do you change your car's nozzles? You know, those tiny spouts which spray the windshield washer fluid on the windshield and which can get unclogged as fast as you'd pronounce “autoevolution”.

Well, it happened to us, it happened to million of drivers and it probably happened to you, too. So, what's the solution to get these nozzles unclogged without too much effort? Most drivers prefer to go to the service center in order to replace them completely or to let the experts to the job. But what if you're not at home and you'd really need to have fully functional nozzles? You could purchase a spare pack and replace them by yourself in case you think you'd be able to face such a “difficult” job. Or... you can use our method.

First of all, you should check the whole windshield washing system in order to be sure that the nozzles are really the ones guilty for the malfunction. For instance, you could remove the hoses and clean them with an air compressor. Also, it is recommended to empty the windshield washer liquid recipient and scrub it with cleaning solution (note that it might re-clog the tubes just after you clean it in case the recipient isn't properly washed).

Let's proceed to the requirements, a.k.a. what you'll need to unclog the nozzles: one syringe with a needle and enough windshield washer fluid to fill two syringes (you may need even more fluid in case the first two tries are not 100 percent efficient). It is recommended to use a very thin needle in order to be able to insert it into the nozzle and a regular syringe (10 ml should be enough).

Fill the syringe with windshield washer fluid and then attach the needle. Insert the needle into the tiny hole of the nozzle and spray the liquid with as much pressure as you can. Repeat the process and then hold down the wiper lever for a few seconds (be sure that the windshield recipient is full and clean).

Please note that inserting a bigger needle into the car nozzles may alter the spraying direction! In order to adjust them to the previous direction, insert the same needle into the nozzle and move it slightly until their back on their positions. Press the wiper lever to test the direction whenever you need it.

This is basically the whole job, so if you tried it or if you think that your own personal method could be better than the one mentioned above, feel free to share.


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