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How to Temporarily Fix Waze Location Issues on Android Auto

Waze remains one of the most popular navigation apps out there, and as we said so many times before, it’s easy to see why.
Waze is currently a top navigation app on Android and iPhone 4 photos
Android Auto location permissionsAndroid Auto location permissionsAndroid Auto location permissions
The community power driving Waze is absolutely fantastic, and this is how the app has become so accurate, thus being able to warn drivers in advance of things like potholes, accidents, speed traps, traffic jams. All to eventually find a better and faster route, that is.

But unfortunately, Waze isn’t always working exactly as it should, and most recently, a number of Android Auto users came across a GPS glitch that causes the app to think they’re heading in another direction. Of course, this makes the navigation instructions provided by Waze pretty much useless, simply because the app no longer knows where you’re going.

The good news is the whole thing is just a glitch, and the team at Waze has already prepared a fix for the whole thing, with a future update likely to resolve it rather sooner than later.

In the meantime, however, there’s something that you can easily do to restore Waze in your car. Just turn off location permissions for Android Auto but allow Waze to access your location.

To do this on a Samsung phone, go to Settings > Apps, look for Android Auto in the list, tap it and then expand the Permissions section. Click on Location permission and then choose the option that reads Deny. Follow the same steps for Waze, but make sure the app is set to Always allow.

By the looks of things, Ford cars with SYNC are most often affected, though there’s a chance others might hit similar problems on their head units as well.

For the time being, however, keep in mind this is just a temporary workaround, with an official fix already on its way and expected to land in one of the next few updates.


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