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How to Spit Fire: Audi R8 V10 plus Commercial

The V10 unit of the vehicle delivers 550 hp and the adjacent clip allows us to see its wildest side. As if it was performing a twin-turbo conversion, Audi removed the rear fascia, as well as the exhaust and let the ten cylinders run free.
As the engine is revved, it screams and spit flames, offering us quite a show - we’re inviting you to turn up the volume before you hit the “play” button.

Audi explains that those who use the free image-recognition app Blippar can point their phones at certain print and poster ads of the car and the images captured will bring the adjacent video to the screen of the device.

"The new Audi R8 V10 plus pushes boundaries in terms of performance and innovation. The use of Blippar technology allows people to interact immediately with the car, and get under its bonnet in a way they simply would not be able to do with a 2D advertisement alone,” said Kristian Dean, National Communications Manager for Audi UK.


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