How to Roll Fenders On a Lexus IS

Fender Rolling 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
So, you want larger and wider wheels on your Lexus sport sedan? Good, because they look awesome and makes you ride unique.
But fitting bigger wheels to your car means that the space between them and the wheel arches will shrink up to the point when the tire will hit the margins of the fenders when encountering a bump on the road.

To get rid of this inconvenience, you have to widen the fenders by rolling them a bit with a special roller. It is a special mechanical device that mounts on the wheel hub and has an adjustable roller at the end of an arm. You should be able to find one on Amazon or in the link seen in the video description on YouTube.

In order to perform this operation you will need just the roller, a car elevator (or a jack) and a heating gun.

The steps are easy and first you will have to take the wheel out, mount the roller on the hub and secure it with the bolts. Then, adjust its arm so that the roll at the end of it can touch the fender edge. Next, heat up the fender, but not to much, and adjust the roller to push into the fender and to a few rolls.

Check the video bellow to see the whole process in case you didn’t understand something.

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