How to Replace the Thermostat on Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Thermostat 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The thermostat has quite an important job, especially when it’s cold outside and you need your engine to warm up faster.
It bypasses the coolant from not entering the radiator, so the coolant runs only through the engine, allowing it to heat up. Then, when it reaches it’s normal functioning temperature, the thermostat opens and allows the fluid to go in the radiator to cool. So you can imagine what can happen if it breaks down.

No special tools required for the job on the Toyota Camry, maybe a screwdriver to loosen some collars and a 10mm socket with ratchet and extension.
  • Allow the car to cool down
  • Slowly open the radiator cap to relieve the pressure and then open the coolant reservoir cap
  • Locate the thermostat’s place on the engine according to the video and unscrew the 10mm nuts that are holding its housing fixed on the engine block
  • Extract the thermostat and try not to spill the coolant as you will have to fill it back
  • Take the new thermostat and make sure it has its new gasket on and place it in the designated place
  • Put the housing back and screw the nuts, mount back any dismantled hoes
  • Refill coolant if necessary.

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