How to Replace Fuel Filter on Toyota Hilux Mk6

Toyota Hilux Filter 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Like the air and oil ones, the fuel filter needs periodical replacement, as it gets clogged up with dirt particles from the fuel tank and even from the fuel itself.
The operation is quite simple and you don’t need any tools at all, just the right replacement fuel filter for your Mk6 Toyota Hilux (see the user’s manual for the right part). Just follow the steps bellow and it should be fine.
  • Open the hood
  • Locate the fuel filter’s case - it should look like a cylindrical part with hoses attached to its ends and it is located just behind the battery
  • The filter’s case has a ring mounted just bellow its top and you have to rotate that ring clockwise in order to undo it
  • After that, pull the top upwards to open the case
  • Remove the filter inside the case and also remove the rubber gasket from the edge of the case if you have a replacement one (you should get one with the new filter)
  • Put the new filter in the case and rotate it clockwise a bit
  • Put the new rubber gasket in its designated groove
  • Place the cap back and screw the ring anti-clockwise to secure its position
  • Prime the system by repeatedly pushing the rubber button at the top until it feels hard
  • Start the car to see if it works properly.

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