How to Replace Fuel Filter on 1996 Toyota Corolla

Replacing the Fuel Filter 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Just as the ones for the air and oil, the fuel filter needs periodical changing due to particles of dust in the fuel or rust in the tank that may clog it.
While the other two filters may be easily recognized by their shape and relative same mounting positions on a car’s engine, the fuel filter can be a little tricky to spot and change, so here’s how you have to do it on a 1996 Toyota Corolla.

You’ll need a classic toolbox with ratchet and extenders as well as a new fuel filter compatible to your car and an elevator or jack.
  • First you’ll need to disconnect the car’s battery, so take a wrench and dismount the negative cable an place it somewhere so it won’t touch the battery terminal during the operation
  • Next unscrew the two 10mm bolts that keep the air filter box mounted and put it aside to gain access to the fuel filter which is somewhere below it
  • Locate the fuel filter casing according to the video bellow (it should be somewhere near the brake pump at a lower level)
  • Using a ratchet and extender unscrew the 17mm bolt on the fuel filter
  • Jack the car up and secure it
  • Go underneath the car and locate the fuel filter from there. It should be a hole through you can access it
  • Remove the washer that keeps it attached to the fuel line and take it out
  • Place the new one instead and mount it back using the reverse steps.

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