How to Replace Brake Pads on 2008 Toyota RAV4

Big Toyota, no brakes - no good, definitely not good! In order to be safe on road you have to take care of your car’s braking system. Periodical maintenance is the key and it includes checking the brake fluid, the wear on the brake discs and pads, damage to the brake lines and of course replacing everything according to OEM specifications.
2008 Toyota RAV4 Brakes 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The following tutorial covers brake pads replacing on a 2008 Toyota RAV4. The adjacent video will show how to replace the rear ones, but the front pads replacement process is pretty similar.

You will need a floor jack, 14 mm wrench, 14 mm socket, a C-clamp and new brake pads. Be carrefull when purchasing break components and always verify they are not counterfeit. Buy only Toyota original parts and avoid cheap aftermarket ones to get the best of your braking system.

With everything at hand, put the car in Park and/or activate the parking brake. Next, loosen up the wheel bolts but don’t remove them. Jack up the car and secure it with some jack stands. Now remove the bolts and take out the wheel.

In order to reach to the brake pads, you will have to remove the brake caliper and to do that, you have to unscrew two bolts at its back. After you took them out, pull up the brake caliper and put it somewhere not to hang by the rubber brake line attached to it.

Now simply remove the old brake pads and replace them with the new ones. Be careful not to grease up the disc rotor or the new brake pads. Also try not to inhale the black fine dust coming from the brake pads.

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