How to Replace ABS Sensor on 2000-2010 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla ABS Sensor 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The ABS sensor on your Toyota Corolla reads if the wheels are spinning and in case they block during braking, it will send a signal to the ABS’s computer to reduce the braking force on the wheel to let it spin and maintain control of the vehicle.
If for some reasons the ABS is malfunctioning, one possible cause may be that one or more sensors are dirty or broken. So in order to mend or replace them, grab a jack, the wheel bolts wrench, a 10mm ratchet with extender and follow these steps:
  • Place your Corolla on an even ground and secure its position by activating the parking brake or putting the gear selector in P
  • Loosen the wheel’s bolts and then lift the car up. You might want to use some jack stands to secure it
  • Completely remove the wheel’s bolts and pull it out
  • Unscrew the 10mm bolt located behind the brake disc as seen in the video
  • Pull the sensor out and see if it’s dirty or broken
  • Clean or replace it and put everything back
  • Use a closed road and brake hard to see if the ABS works correctly.

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