How To Recharge a Tesla Model S On the Go, The Russian Way

And by “the Russian way” we mean connecting your state-of-the-art Tesla Model S to the back of a truck and simply letting it tow your fancy sedan along the road until your battery is charged and good to go.
Tesla Model S towing battery charge 1 photo
Photo: Prinscreen from YouTube
What would you do if your Tesla Model S ran out of battery in the middle of nowhere, with no prospects of finding a suitable place to recharge it and continue your trip?

Well, the answer comes from Mother Russia, a place well known for the challenging conditions drivers must survive in and accidents recorded with dash-cams. But Russians can be pretty innovative too, a sign that need really is the mother of invention.

This guy figured a way to get the best out of Tesla’s regenerative brakes and it seems to be working as a last call solution, although we’re not fully convinced that such an improvising act is good for the electric sedan’s well-being.

Regen braking is a source of negative torque which can cause the car to become unstable if applied to the rear wheels. Luckily, Tesla has that under control with its regen-limiting traction control system, that stops the rear wheels from slipping and keeps it safe for both the car, driver and passengers.

In the Tesla Roadster, taking your foot off the accelerator at speed will provide a lot of regen but applying the brake simply adds the friction braking power to the regen process. The Model S is taking the same model, but adapted for a milder response, so this is why our inventive Russian managed to pull off the being-towed-by-a-truck stunt that made battery recharging possible in the first place.

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