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How to Pick Up Women Using Your Car

HONDA S2000 1 photo
If you want to use your car as a pick up line these days you’ll notice that this has become extremely difficult. What in the world do women want from you and a car?

If you cruise at 10 mph and smile they’ll throw you a “I am sooo superior” look, if you multiply that speed with 10 while going sideways they’ll be running scared, if... the story could go on forever, but this is not why we’re here.

We’ve written this because we think we might have found a way of attracting women using our favorite thing in the world: our cars. OK, this might target a limited audience, but we’re sure it works, it has to!

Just get a nice open-air ride like the S2000 above, make sure it has a loud aftermarket exhaust so that it draws attention and then leave it with its light on and engine running on a dark street and find a good spot to wait for your pray. We can guarantee that this is a perfect way to meet a woman with attitude, a... female care thief!

PS: don’t worry about the males, just leave the seat in a position that doesn’t allow them to enter. 


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