How to Paint Killer Jeans Pattern on Your Bike

Custom bikes have a vibe of their own, and not everything that looks good on one produces the same effect on a different motorcycle. When it comes to paint and shapes, jeans textures certainly fall short of making a good impression on all bikes, but in the case of this machine, things look amazing.
Jeans Pattern on Your Bike 6 photos
Jeans Pattern on Your BikeJeans Pattern on Your BikeJeans Pattern on Your BikeJeans Pattern on Your BikeJeans Pattern on Your Bike
The motorcycle being painted was commissioned by clothes manufacturer Ed Hardy International to Snake Charmer Choppers, whose George Farah has been building bikes since 2006. Specialized in themed motorcycles, Snake Charmer Choppers were a sure bet for a spectacular bike that would look intriguing and turn heads, and the results confirmed the choice Ed Hardy made.

A lot of painstaking work and careful fabrication went into his custom chopper, and the result is an artsy bike that exudes creativeness. Its beauty is a thing for the eye of the beholder, as is the case of so many other similar machines, but we were thrilled to see how the Snake Charmers got the amazing jeans pattern on the rear fender.

As a matter of fact, the process looks very natural and far easier than what we expected beforehand. Still, it would be advisable that you try your hand at least a couple of times on other parts before you get to painting an expensive machine. At least if you don't want to redo the entire priming and painting process over and over again.

We're pretty sure that exercising such painting methods would yield excellent results in a rather short time, most likely because of the easy procedure. Having a sure and steady hand and maybe a friend who can help should do. Even more, the same technique can be creatively used with various other fabrics, with different patterns that could make a huge difference in how custom bikes look.


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