How to Make Your Wooden Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

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You had a bit too much ice cream? Those hamburgers were a bit to many for a 1 a.m. dinner? Your back hurts and National Geographic still has no adventurous job offer? No worries, now you can build your own giant hamster wheel-like desk that will help your corporate behind remain fit and healthy.
Instructables, a fairly young community of creative builders of all sorts of weird stuff, have recently unveiled a new type of desk that might be as efficient as it is nuts. Created by two of the sites builders, the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk is fighting against what could be 21st century's biggest problem, corporate employees spending far too much time sitting.

Okay, hold on for a second. First finish your donut leftover from lunch and stop munching around. Good. Now, let’s recap. It’s a 80’’ (200 cm) diameter and 24’’ (61 cm) wide base wooden wheel that you are using as your personal desk. Inside the base are 4 skateboard wheels propelling the large cylinder’s movement.

Good. Now, since it’s Friday and the desire to focus just reached the zero level, let’s imagine you might as well stop forcing yourself into adding more intellectual effort and literally start walking. Its deliberate omission of brakes forces constant user movement when the wheel is in use.

What do you think? Would it help? Do you feel like a hamster? Well, whatever the answer, it’s pretty easy to tell that the two fellows had quite the fun time desiging the strange device, they claim it took 24 hours to complete.

In case you’re planning to do one for yourself, learn that you’ll need four sheets of plywood, 4 skate wheels, 2 pipes, 240 wood screws and a pint of glue. Once you got all that, just check out their video guide below, to be sure you know what you’re doing.

Let us know when it’s ready, maybe we’ll replace our chairs as well so we can all go hamster-corporate.

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