How to Look After Your Car When Working from Home

Regardless of the country you are in, the world as we know it has changed. If you work from home and you do your best to keep your social distance and protect those around you, do not forget to also protect your vehicle, because driving it rarely and for short distances could have a negative impact.
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The current health crisis has affected all of us but if you love your car and the laws or restrictions in your country allow you to go for a drive, do it.

It does not have to be a particularly long journey and you do not have to do it daily, just do it once a week for at least half an hour with your engine running at an optimal temperature.

It will help keep vital fluids flowing and the battery in good shape. Besides, it will prevent rust from building up on your brake rotors and your calipers from seizing up.

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Gas can go bad if it sits more than thirty days and deposits can form in the tank, which will damage vital parts of the fuel system.

A stabilizer can be used to solve this problem if you plan on keeping the car sidelined for more than a month, but it usually needs to be put in the tank before you fill-up. So, unless you already thought of this, go out for a drive, burn the old fuel, and add a stabilizer before you refill.

If you own a diesel-powered car, your fuel is vulnerable to gelling at very low temperatures, and the water that forms in the tank due to condensation can freeze and damage fuel lines and water separators.

If you are planning to keep your diesel car parked through the winter while you continue to work from home, use a diesel additive that will remove the water and prevents the fuel from gelling.

Another thing that you should be doing regularly is checking your tire pressure. If the car sits for an extended period and the tires lose pressure, they can get permanently damaged.

You should also check the oil regularly to see if it is low or dirty. Consider changing it more often if you use the car sporadically and mainly for short trips. If the oil does not reach its optimal running temperature it may lose its lubrication properties faster.

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If you do need an oil change, keep in mind that this is an easy operation that usually takes about fifteen minutes and some shops or dealerships allow you to stay in the car during the oil change.

Finally, do not forget to wash your car occasionally. Dust, dirt, or bird droppings can permanently damage your paint so keeping it clean should also be a priority.

If you do run into problems, a trip to a service station or dealership where they practice social distancing should be fine, especially since they are considered essential services in most countries.

These are hard and confusing times but caring for your car should be on your list of priorities, especially if you plan to regain your mobility without the need for any costly repairs after all of this is over.


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