How to Jump Start a Toyota Prius

Jump starting a Prius 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Although its not a common problem, very cold weather can drain the batteries of a Toyota Prius and the only way to make it run again is to jump-start it.
All you need is a pair of jump start cables and another functional car or an auxiliary starting unit (you know, that huge battery used in services to start a dead car) if you happen to have one. Here’s how to do it:
  • Open the vehicle’s hood and locate the fuse box. It should be at the far right as you are looking at the engine bay
  • Remove the fuse box plastic cover to expose the fuses
  • Locate the red cap with the plus sign and take it off to reveal the metal terminal
  • Connect the positive (red) cable to the metal terminal in the fuse box and the negative (black) one to a mass bolt on the car’s body/engine bay
  • Connect the other ends to the functional car’s battery - red to positive and black to negative
  • Start the functional car and keep it a bit like that
  • Go in the Prius and star it
  • Let it idle a bit before turning it off, or go put some miles on it.

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