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How to Joyride Like a German Lady!

autoevolution is the Internet authority for reaction videos. In fact, we bet somebody is going to post this one on their website after they see it here. We'd show you one every day if we could, but unfortunately there's not enough of them for that, plus the idea of putting a girl in a Supra with 1000 HP has been done a thousand times.
Barbara Schöneberger 5 photos
Barbara SchönebergerBarbara SchönebergerBarbara SchönebergerBarbara Schöneberger
This video is different though. It was shot by some Germans, using a 300 HP Audi S3, not a Supra. The driver is a 66-year old retired racing legend and the woman in the passenger seat is 39.

Barbara Schöneberger is a TV host. You probably never heard of her before, but she's a total bombshell, even at her age and we have a few pictures below to prove it.

Because of her prime-time job and her age, Barbara is very well behaved. She's that type of woman who always covers her yawning, carries a handkerchief. Of course, that's even funnier when you realize she used to be a bikini model as well.

Her reaction the S3 on track is simply priceless. Miss Schöneberger tries to look away, clutches the seat belt, but never screams out.

This is how you do a reaction video… like a German lady!
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