How to Get Out of a Wheel Clamp, the BMW X5 Way

Reality shows are getting out of hand these days and have the power to turn regular people into worldwide stars over night. Just look at the Kardashians for God’s sake... However, other people are also trying their hand at this kind of ... activities and sometimes, things get out of hand.
Booted BMW X5 Driven off 1 photo
Photo: scre
Just like is the case of Shalonda Cross an applicant for Oxygen TV’s ‘Bad Girls Club’ reality show that decided to ignore the law and simply drive off with her BMW X5 when her wheel was clamped by the authorities.

The result you ask? Well, it’s not what you might expect. Sure, watching the video made me cringe, especially when I heard how the rear fender was getting wrecked and I’ll probably have nightmares for a couple of days too but in the end she got out of it.

That’s right, the poor clamp wasn’t up to the task of stopping the powerful X5 and gave up after just a few feet. But what does this have to do with her applying for that reality show?

Well, we’re guessing that if there weren’t so many people around to see her car getting booted and if she wasn’t trying to get on the show, her conduit might’ve been different. Different, as in obey the law, like any other citizen.

In this case, however, things got a little heated up. What we’d like to know is how much will fixing the car cost and what the consequences of her actions will be.

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