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How to Fail at Loading an ATV into a Pickup Truck Exemplarily

In a dystopic fantasy world, someone could try to put together a manual or even a whole science of how to fail. In case we admit that such a thing is possible in one of the theoretical universes we might imagine, then one of the big chapters in the encyclopaedia of this science of failure should definitely be dedicated to those who fail at loading and unloading bikes and ATVs from other vehicles.
Nope, this one will not do 1 photo
Frankly, every now and then, we see crashes that are so dumb that we can almost vouch that it's almost impossible to meet sillier situations. Yet before long we stumble upon people that only need dozens of seconds to prove us wrong.

For example, these two fellows who are desperately trying to load what looks like a big and powerful ATV in the bed of this pickup. For starters, it looks like these chaps didn't even fix the ramp too well, as we can clearly see that it moves to the left before it falls to the ground.

Now, the part with people hesitating to ride all the way to the top of the ramp is probably the cause of most problems. Being stuck in that transition section seemingly generates a lot of panic, as most riders make their dumbest move after this critical point.

If anything, in such cases, the wisest choice is to try again after analysing what went wrong. Often ATVs remain stuck in positions that are not only inconvenient for driving forward, but also downright dangerous.

Returning the machine to the firm ground, checking the stability of the ramp and making sure you do the right thing in the right place has infinitely more chances for a happy ending than desperately trying to fix something that, in most of the cases, can't be fixed.


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