How To Enter Your Lexus When the Key Fob Is Dead

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There are many reasons why sometimes you might find yourself locked out of your car and can't get inside, and a key fob dead battery is one of them. If you own a Lexus and this happens to you, here is how you can get access to your car and drive it away.
Let's be clear: if you get a notification on the dashboard that you have to replace the battery for your Lexus key fob, then you have to do that. Otherwise, you will find yourself in an awkward situation of pressing the "open" button again and again, and... nothing. The car won't open. In addition, if that happens during an emergency when you're late, then the situation will become more annoying, to say the least. But you don't have to panic, because Lexus thought about such situations. Actually, all carmakers took that into consideration.

Regardless of what kind of key fob you have, either if it is an old or new type, there is a metallic key blade hidden inside. All you have to do is to look closely at the key fob. You'll find a small button on one side of it and push it. Then, the metallic key will slide out.

On older Lexus models, the driver's door has a visible key slot in the handle. Just slide it in and turn it clockwise. That will unlock the door. After that, place the metallic key back into the key fob and get inside the vehicle.

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On newer vehicles, you won't find any key slot, but there is one. It is hidden by the door handle. Grab that and pull gently. Then, on the rearmost side of it, you'll see the silver key slot. Insert the metallic key there and turn it to the right. Place the physical key back into the key fob and jump inside the car.

To start the engine, regardless if it's an older Lexus RX or a newer Lexus IS, put the key fob with the chromed L-badge onto the start button and press it. That should start the vehicle. But you'll have to drive straight to your nearest hardware store and replace your key fob's battery. That will spare you from other unusual entryways to your vehicle.

Replacing the battery for your key fob is not very complicated. Still, you'd better have a small screwdriver with a flat tip around you or a Swiss army knife.

First, you have to slide the metallic key, as explained above. After you take that out, you should look at the exposed part that is usually covered by the physical blade, and you'll notice a slat. Insert the blade there and twist it. The key fob will open in two parts, exposing the battery inside. For reference, Lexus uses CR2032 slim batteries.

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Take the old battery out by using the screwdriver or the folding knife by inserting it on one side and twisting it, as shown in the video that you'll see at the bottom of this article. Then place the new battery with the plus sign "+" up and press it gently until you hear a click. With the refreshed one now safely placed inside, you should be able to close the key fob back again. Press the upper part, the one with the chromed L-badge on it, towards the lower part until it snaps into place. Then insert the metallic blade back into its place, and you're good to go.

If you want to keep your battery safe for a long time, then there are a few things that you have to consider. First of all, the worst enemy of battery life is low temperature. You should not keep your key fob out in the cold. Keep it warm in your pocket. If you don't have pockets, keep that in your purse or bag. Many new Lexus vehicles have a keyless entry system that allows you to open the door just by touching the door handle, without the need to press any button at all.

Second, if you still need to push the "open" or "close" button to unlock or lock your car, make sure to be very close to the vehicle. Distance is also an essential factor for battery life. Also, don't use the remote to open or shut the luggage compartment. There is a button for that on the car's trunk lid. Newer models also have a hands-free opening system. Feel free to use it by sliding your foot under the rear bumper if your hands are full of bags with groceries.

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Last but certainly not least, don't play with the buttons to lock and unlock the vehicle, especially if you're out of range. But it's better not to do that anyway. You'll just drain the battery for nothing, and you'll remember that next time when you're left stranded outside the vehicle with a dead key fob in your hand.

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