How to Detail a Lexus LFA

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Normally, if you own a Lexus sedan or SUV, washing it resumes to driving down to the local car wash and leaving the guys there clean it with foam and high-pressure water hoses. Maybe some wax after...
However, owning one of the 500 units ever made of  the Lexus LFA, you might want to keep its paintjob in tip top condition. And doing that requires some special steps and lot of attention. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Cleaning preparations - First of all, don’t wash your LFA immediately after a trip when the body and wheels are hot. Moreover, try not to wash it in direct sunlight or under a tree. Also, make sure you unmount number plates and their plastic surrounding if you want to do a thorough job. Use only pH neutral, de-ionising and citrus-based cleaning products.

Start with the dirtiest spots - Give the wheels and the lower body parts a good spray coating of pH neutral cleaner to break dirt off. Use a detailing brush to gently agitate the dirt on the wheels to facilitate its wash off. Next, use the jet-wash to rinse the whole car a bit, especially the inner wheel arches.

Cleaning the bodywork - Never use a sponge. All you need is water, bucket, pH neutral soap and a lamb’s wool wash mitt. You can use a grit guard on the bottom if the bucket to trap dirt particles. Always wash from top to bottom. Rinse the whole car with a jet-washer or an open-ended hose.

Stubborn contaminants (dead bugs or tar spots) - These sort of contaminants can be removed by claying the surface with a special medium-grade clay bar while using clean, extra-soapy water as a lubricant.

Drying the body - Dry the car all over with clean microfiber cloths or high-pressure air.

Apply protection - Both polish and wax is best applied using the same rotating mop head and method described in the previous sub-heading – working in straight lines and with little or no pressure.

Interior - Start with a good vacuuming and then capture all the dust on the dashboard or other panels with a damp microfiber cloth. You can also use a paintbrush to loosen trapped dirt or dust. Leather needs a four-stage cleaning process - agitate the dirt with leather cleaning solution applied with a microfiber cloth, wash it away with lamb wool wash mitt damped with soapy water, dry and apply anti-bacterial solution, apply conditioning solution to moisturize the leather.

More tips on how to wash your LFA on Lexus Blog UK.
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