How to Become the Perfect Eco-Conscious Hollywood Hypocrite

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A while ago we were telling you folks Silicon Valley has the most electric vehicles in the United States. Yes, good for them, it’s a beautiful example the entire country should follow (maybe). The problem is, people regularly tend to pursue other characters, who regularly like to be called celebrities.
In this case, things take a different shape. Some may even call them counter-examples since we all know the level of materialism and, quite often, bad taste places like Hollywood are surrounded with. We took the filmmaking scene as an example; you could replace it with any other similar place where fame is the most common word.

The point is we have an awkward feeling that some of the things both car and gadgetry related companies make are never intended for mass consumers, but rather for the few we were mentioning earlier. Since we’re sure there are plenty of people who follow these trend-setters, we figured we may as well guide you through.

For starters, no Hollywood A-lister, who claims he wants to save the oceans, say, Leonardo DiCaprio will ever be seen with something else than eco-conscious assets. Your daily driver will most likely be a PHEV, EV, hybrid or even hydrogen-fueled machine. Also, most of these persons regularly own at least one Tesla Model S.

Since you are a Tesla Model S owner (even if, in fact, you also have several V8-powered cars next to the EV) you are a constant reader of Consumer Reports. We’re not saying anything about the media outlet; we’re only hinting at their rather surprising review. How was it again, on a scale of 1 to 100 Elon Musk’s EV is a 103?

As an elegant electric vehicle driver who is famous and knows it, you will also own at least one Xbox 360 or a Play Station console. Located in a 950-square foot living room you’ve turned into a home theater, of course, you’re always playing with one of the five “clean” vehicles in GTA 5.

Have we mentioned the Tesla Motors Logo and supercharger both built out of Lego bricks that sit right next to the “How to change the world” book? Yes, as the eco-conscious celebrity you are, there’s no way such an accessory could ever miss from your home.

Now, since you are a 40-year-old fellow, traveling is part of your lifestyle. Sometimes you’re flying from the East coast to the West coast; sometimes you go to London because Europe is so cool, exotic and always one step ahead of the times.

While you are visiting UK’s capital city, you will disguise yourself as a regular person and ride in one of the city’s freshly commissioned pure electric double-decker.

Sure, if you’re one of the super-famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’ll probably want to ride one of those two-wheeled city commuters. Maybe, you’ll take one of the popular Boris Bikes like the Terminator actor did back in June. Just in case, you also brought the world’s lightest, most compact electric folding bike. We’re talking about the Kickstarter-funded A-Bike although there are others that claim they are the best too.

Of course, when you’re back home, chilling out at your big mansion in the Hills, you enjoy riding through your beautiful garden with Daymark’s solar-powered scooter, since it also comes with speakers and USB ports. Even if you’re at home, you enjoy feeling independent and sharp. As long as the sun is up and shining, that is.

Since we are speaking of two-wheel transportation, we also recalled of the one gadget that no eco-conscious Hollywood star can ride without, Fontus. If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’ll mention it’s using the Peltier effect to fill your water bottle with clean, cool water, for free. It’s a simple add-on device that can be used virtually on any vehicle, although it was originally designed to be mounted on a bicycle.

As the convinced environmentalist that you are, you also use to read news about climate change and the effects of pollution. That is why you also heard of the Berkeley Earth’s major study and its frightening conclusions. Their research on air pollution in China found that 1.6 million people in the country are dying every year from the cause. So what if you’re living in a green area, surrounded by great parks, you still feel there’s more to be done.

Your frequent retweets of Greenpeace’s posts and the regular donations you make won’t stop this tremendous problem, you know that. Instead, you could buy the portable air cleaner the head of design at Volkswagen China has developed.

Squair, the company making these, claim they are the only company using powerful Non-Thermal Plasma to provide clean air. It’s capable of cleaning up to 38 cubic feet or 1 cubic meter per minute with super silent fans. And the best part is, you can put it into your car’s cup holder.

In terms of looks, you can’t just buy leather jackets or furry hats made from endangered species. Instead, you will probably see things such as BMW’s new i look lifestyle collection that uses sustainable materials only, like 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.

The list of things to do to stay an eco-conscious celebrity may seem long, but there’s also some amount of pleasure to it. For instance, you are probably extremely excited about Australia’s world’s first solar-powered sportscar or the futuristic two-seat, EV a company in Ireland will also unveil soon.

Are you tired? Well, imagine how many other things famous people with deep pockets have to go through to pose as the environmentalists they claim they are. And here you are, accusing them of hypocrisy.
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