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How to Avoid a Traffic Jam: Female Version Fail

Traffic jams bring out the worst in many of us and this unfortunate situations only get worse in the winter, as some lanes are occupied by the snow and most drivers drive slowly in order to compensate for the greater braking distances.
So, what can you do? Well, what you should do is start your journeys earlier - basically redefine your travel time evaluation. However, there are certain drivers who don’t do this and become desperate when they realize they’re going to be late, ending up in performing ridiculous maneuvers.

The perfect example comes in the adjacent video (via Youtube user Portreem), which shows a female driver in a Toyota RAV4 trying to find a way around the traffic jam. The woman leaves the vehicle row, which was not stationary, but moving slowly, and starts driving on the sidewalk.

However, after quite some effort, she ends up back in line in the same place - they man behind her decided to let her back in and had a good laugh.


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