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How They Turned an Old NSX into the New NSX Concept

Do you guys still remember how Honda was trying to keep the NSX project under wraps? First of all rumors started circulating the net that the Japanese automaker was planning a revival, and they quickly denied it.
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After that, the last scene in the Avengers movies was shot in New York on the edges of Central Park, and the paparazzi caught what looked to be a brand new Acura concept being driven by ‘Tony Stark’. People quickly put two and two together and suggested it was a concept for the next NSX, but the automaker dismissed them, saying that it’s just a one-off.

Recently, we’ve been hearing that the old NSX is what underpinned the new one, but we never had proof... until now! It’s amazing what you can find on Reddit these days!

So basically, the project started out with an old NSX donor car. It’s got pop-up headlights and everything, but it’s quickly chopped up into pieces, has its body parts removed and roof chopped. Then the team doing the project sticks on a block of polystyrene which is modeled by a five-axis machine into a shape resembling what we now know as the the NSX Concept from the Avengers movie.

After that, modeling clay is used to provide a better shape and the finished product is probably then scanned to create a 3D compute image of the car (we’re guessing this part). The next step should have been creating resin molds using the clay model as a base. But all we get to see is Robert Downey Jr smiling.


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