How They Handle an Arab Drifting Crash

We’ve seen quite a lot of Arab Drifting videos, both the type that makes this reckless drivers look cool and the kind that reveals the crashes this practice leads too. However, we are here now to show you how they handle a Hagwallah-caused accident.
Arab drifting crash 1 photo
The clip below starts like most other Arab Drift pieces, with a front-wheel drive sedan sliding from one side of the road to another. This time, we are dealing with a Nissan Maxima QX, whose driver seems to be convinced that the is alone on the road.

The man “drifts” right into an oncoming truck, also taking out the latter in the crash. The Nissan was loaded with passengers, but they all manage to exit the vehicle once it comes to a halt.

People start rushing in from all sides - these are the usual Arab Drift spectators, always ready to help prevent the car from catching fire. These are the guys that sometimes get the direct blow from the out-of-control cars, so what they’re doing here is a mere appetizer for adrenaline.

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