How Many Hot Girls Can You Fit Inside Dan Bilzerian’s Brabus G63 AMG 6x6?

They say the six-wheel drive twin-turbo V8 engine propels this 4-tone monster to the mark we love so much (62mph) in 7 seconds. But that is obviously not the reason poker player Dan Bilzerian spent a small fortune to buy one. At least it doesn’t seem like that, since most of the time he takes the car for a spin it’s rather about the space the car offers inside, than its performance.
Dan Bilzerian posing next to his Brabus 6x6 G63 AMG while shooting a TV commercial 1 photo
Photo: Dan Bilzerian on Instagram
Well, it’s not really like that, to be completely honest. In fact, ever since the Renegade of Instagram, how we like to call this celebrity hustler, bought the G63 AMG 6x6 it’s been quite an adventure of continuous off-road driving.

In fact, he loves the car so much, the 33-year old poker player decided to pick it up by helicopter so he wouldn’t lose too much time in traffic. That was this summer, when the 6x6 machine finally got in US from Germany.

Ever since, he took it racing in the desert at Glamis Sand Dunes, had it posing for a TV commercial and did mostly anything the car is capable of. Even though he could always take a proper sportscar for his daily trips around town, say the Lamborghini Aventador, or could go for some old-school style driving the 1965 Shelby Cobra, Bilzerian usually chooses the big fellow instead. After all, he didn’t get the off-road monster upgraded to 800 horsepower via Brabus for nothing.

In other words, we were quite happy that we finally found a famous person who buys very expensive cars and for once has the courage to use them to their full capacity.

But now that we’ve stumbled upon this little video, taken by one of the paparazzi chasing Bilzerian everywhere, we’re not that sure anymore. Did he buy the machine for its performance or simply to have enough room for the hot chicks to fit in?

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