The Cybertruck Passes Tesla's Estimated Range With Flying Colors

Tesla Cybertruck Range Test 13 photos
Photo: Edmunds Cars
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I'm sure you asked yourself how accurate are the manufacturers about numbers like 0 to 60 mph, top speed, weight, battery life, and everything else under the sun or hood. Well, it's high time we find out about one of the most controversial vehicles in recent automotive history, the Tesla Cybertruck.
Clint Simone from "Edmunds Cars," who will be performing today's range test, said that out of the eight Teslas they've tested, every single one came up a bit short. He also "bragged" about the team doing nearly 100 overall range tests, so that might count for something extra.

Range-wise, according to their data, the least-performing model was the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance, with a negative difference of 17.4%. It should have run for 310 miles or 499 km but gave up after 256 miles or 412 kilometers. The closest is the 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid with 21-inch wheels that came in just 0.9% short of the manufacturer's range. It only did 345 miles (555 km) out of 348 (560 km), which isn't too shabby.

Now, let's find out how the Cybertruck performs. Currently, the cheapest one you can find is the RWD-only model. It will run you for at least $57,390, with a 2025 availability. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds, but more to our purpose, the battery has an estimated range of 250 miles or 402 kilometers.

Next, the mid-range AWD model starts at $76,390 with a 2024 delivery window. The spec sheet says it has 600 horsepower (608 ps), capable of accelerating from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 112 mph or 180 kph. Under normal circumstances, the battery pack should supposedly hold a charge for 340 miles or 547 kilometers. However, for a Foundation Series fitted with all-terrain tires, like today's model, the estimations go down to 318 miles or 511 kilometers. 

Tesla Cybertruck Range Test
Photo: Edmunds Cars
Lastly, the $96,390 Cyberbeast, known for pulverizing other trucks from its category, comes with 845 hp or 858 PS that can make it hit 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 130 mph (209 kph). We've seen this to be true in past drag races. Presumably, you can drive this monster for 320 miles or 515 kilometers. Oh, and if you want one, it should arrive in 2024.

Now, our subject of the day, the Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series comes without the aero caps, of course. The aero wheel covers supposedly improve efficiency by 5-10%, but we'll factor that in at the end. It's AWD with all-terrain tires and has two electric motors that should take it for a 318 miles (511 km) drive (romantic ocean view not included).

The parameters and equipment are the most critical factors. To make sure everything's up to snuff, the team put a bunch of gear outside and inside the truck to accurately track the speed and distance of the EV.

Mr. Clint Simone will be driving across the entire urban spectrum, meaning 60% city with a dash of 40% highway at 40 mph or 64 kph. Equally important is that the Cybertruck's battery starts at 100% capacity, and he will drive it until it succumbs to the laws of physics.

Tesla Cybertruck Range Test
Photo: Edmunds Cars
Upon first taking it out for a spin at full battery capacity, the dashboard was displaying 318 miles or 511 km, which was right on the money. After all was said and done, the test concluded that the truck ran for 334 miles or 537.5 kilometers. In other words, it went above and beyond by 16 miles or almost 26 kilometers.

Now for really exciting news. Taking into consideration the 5-10% difference of the missing aero caps, we would get an even greater range: 350.7 miles or 564 kilometers, and that's at only 5%. If we kick it up a notch and factor in the presumably 10% difference, we'd get 367.4 miles (591 km), which is a lot higher than the official stats.

Now let's compare it to other cars from the Cybertruck's category, like the 2023 Rivian R1T Performance with a dual-motor configuration and 21-inch wheels, and the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat.

According to its spec sheet, the R1T should last 410 miles or 660 kilometers, but Edmunds only managed to pull off 390 miles (628 km). We're talking about a 20-mile (32 km) difference. We get an accurate range difference of 56 miles (90 km) compared to the Tesla, which isn't something to scoff at, especially in an emegency scenario.

Tesla Cybertruck Range Test
Photo: Edmunds Cars
The Ford Lightning advertised range was 320 miles (515 km), but surprise, surprise, the Lightning Lariat managed to go way passed that, traveling 345 miles or 555 km. The Ford EV pickup is number 10 on the Edmunds range chart, and the Rivian R1T is number 4.

The Rivian has a 42.3 kWh/100 miles energy consumption rate, the Ford F-150 does 43.7 kWh per 100 miles, and the Tesla Cybetruck AWD model eats 45.1 kWh every 100 miles. The Tesla came up shorter than the other two, but it blew by the official the specs.

So not only did the AWD Cybertruck with all-terrain tires pass with flying colors, but it comes with other benefits too, like acceleration and most importantly, bragging rights, which to some, might be more valuable than how far you can drive it at 40 mph. Overall the Foundation Series proudly stands on the 17th spot on Edmunds' vehicle range charts. The next step would be fixing the aero caps issue.

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