How Do You Call a Thug That Relieves Himself on Cars?

"The bowel movement bandit" 1 photo
Ever since blogging has become some sort of an international sport, there’s not much left for bigger television news networks to do for them to cope with the huge popularity a less-strict vocabulary implies. Nobody is hinting that swearing is suddenly possible, but lighter expressions are suddenly accepted. This local news report about a suspect nicknamed “Bowel Movement Bandit” stands as proof that the world of media is changing. Before we take another step forward, we should advise you that you’re about to read a peculiar piece, most of us would call odd. The land of weirdness is Akron, Ohio today and involves a serial... defecator. Yes, a man that takes his natural needs on cars in an organized and premeditated way. Everything came to the public interest the moment the owner of a car-victim realized that the incident was repeating itself. The father of the vehicle’s owner decided to set up a camera so he could proove the weirdo is in fact some sort of a serial poo-criminal. It's a serial...
After the guy came back more than seven times, the man sent the footage to the Akron Police. Officers later found that the strange fellow has been defecating on 19 other parked cars in driveways since May, 2012. They believe it’s the same person doing it, so they are now looking for the suspect, asking people to call the Police if they believe they have any valuable information.

It rather sounds like a prank, but judging by Newsnet5’s story things are quite serious. “The bowel movement bandit strikes between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. On Wednesday morning, a resident caught the suspect on film”, the local network reports.

After all, nobody would want to find his car vandalized that way, so we sort of get the idea. Question is, does the US law consider this a felony?
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