How About the Excellent Morgan Three Wheeler?

While some people may argue strongly that the best cars in the world are the ones which are fastest, most comfortable, sportiest or the ones which can do any number of logical and provable things. However, people nowadays are so into their material existence that they forget what really makes a certain item great - the passion and true tradition that goes into its manufacturing process, because that is what gives it ‘that special something’ (excuse the cliché), and it is also what makes a car truly great.
Morgan Three Wheeler Properly Driven 1 photo
Photo: The Telegraph
One of the very few cars which are still built today, yet embody all the principles and the vision of its creator, in an unflustered and pure fashion is the Morgan Three Wheeler - one of the greatest (underrated) motoring icons of the entire automotive history. It was Morgan’s second car, after the 1909 ‘Runabout’, and it was launched two years later, in 1911, and it stayed in production for 42 more years, before the final car rolled off the production line in 1953.

Now, some 60-odd years later, the company has brought it back and all the changes they have made have only improved it on the technical side, with its remarkable aesthetics and style remaining refreshingly-intact. They have also retained the vee-twin engine, which now displaces 1.9 liters and makes 100 hp. Coupled with the fact that the car only weighs 495 kg (1090 lbs) and has only one rear wheel, as well as a very sorted chassis and modern running gear (it even has a six-speed gearbox), it epitomizes driving fun, tradition, craftsmanship, passion and soul in a very light and irrefutably-British package.
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