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How a World of Lamborghinis Would Look Like - Mostly Huracans

If you want to see a reversal of the usual role in automotive society, a plot in which supercars clearly outnumber regular vehicles, you have to travel to places such as Monaco or Dubai. But what if you can’t go there or if you only want to see Lamborghinis on the street? The adjacent video serves as a pretty good answer to this.
Lamborghini factory 1 photo
The clip takes us to Sant’Agata Bolognese, an otherwise peaceful little Italian town which happens to be the home of Lamborghini. What we see here is not the usual factory tour, but a tour... around the factory.

This offers us a rather... Huracanish perspective on the world - as Lamborghini has recently released its new V10 supercar to the international media, it is only normal that various examples of the Huracan are driving around the factory.

Even though the Huracans spotted here haven’t quite reached the “Skittles - taste the rainbow” color status, you’ll get to meet plenty of visual aromas, from the basic Black (Nero Noctis, Lambo’s solid shade) and White (Bianco Monocerus) to Red (Rosso Mars) and Orange (Arancio Borealis) examples.

All this Lamborghini Huracan talks has gotten us into a mood where we want to build our own. If you happen to share the feeling, you can play with the Huracan visualizer here.

PS: fret not, the Aventador is not missing from this Raging Bull party.

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