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Hovershoes Jetson Motokicks Debut at CES 2019

Because walking is so passé and the future of urban mobility seems to be electric, Jetson has created the Motokicks, a pair of hovershoes that can carry you as fast as 7mph for about 3 hours on a single charge.
Hover shoes Jetson Motokicks, as presented at CES 2019 9 photos
InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1InMotion's Hovershoe X1
Motokicks debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and have, so far, gotten warm reviews. If you’re looking to get places faster than walking but slower than biking or riding a car, this could be just the thing for you: a pair of “shoes” that fit under your soles and move using the same technology as the one used in hoverboards.

In fact, a review on Tom’s Guide says that this is exactly what Motokicks are: a hoverboard cut in half and made to fit each foot separately. Because of this, they might take a bit more adjusting to than the hoverboard, but once you get the hang of it and learn how to keep your balance, they’re quite fun. “Awesome” is an attribute Tom uses in relation to them.

The platform skates have integrated sensors, motors, LED lights and rechargeable lithium battery. They don’t have straps for your feet, but a rubber sole that will guarantee you don’t slip off.

If you wish, they can be transformed into an actual hoverboard with the use of a pole that connects them. You can also turn them into a rolling boombox, if that’s your kind of thing: the Daily Mail says you can play music off your phone (via an app) and the LED lights will sync to the tune. How’s that for traveling in style?

The Motokicks are expected to arrive on the market later this year, presumably in spring, with a price tag of $200.

The downsides to them, aside from the fact that using them is a learning curve, include not working properly on carpets or in the rain. Tom’s Guide urges against jumping off them, unless you’re looking to take a tumble. But you can do that without hovershoes, right?


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