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Hoverboards and Their Destructive Capabilities Caught on Tape

Did you get a hoverboard for Christmas? We didn’t, and that’s because we’re surrounded by people who love us. Some people, though, are less fortunate and end up on the Internet for our own amusement.
Hoverboard accident 1 photo
Just because we didn’t find one of these highly-debated devices under our tree doesn’t mean we don’t know what they’re all about. We’ve had our fair share of riding Segways and other self-leveling personal transportation devices to know what it’s like to be piloting one for the first time.

More experienced people around you keep saying that it will shortly become second nature, but at that moment, you highly doubt you could ever come to terms with the fact that you can lean forward like Michael Jackson and not fall. And yet, five minutes later, you’re secretly congratulating yourself for overcoming your fear of public embarrassment and climbing on top of that magical two-wheeled thing.

Five more minutes later, and you’re now part of the gang that’s screaming “don’t worry, it will soon be like second nature” and meaning every word that comes out of your mouth. If you ever tried it, it’s not hard to realize what this hoverboard craze is all about. Yeah, it can burst into flames without any warning, but so what? Life is too short to wear matching socks and worry about dying in flames, I always say.

Still, learning to ride a hoverboard - however easy it may be - should be done in a safe environment where the risk of injuring yourself or others is minimal, if not non-existent. Doing it on top of a high-rise building or the edge of a snake pit is obviously not a good idea.

So is doing it indoors. Imagine you’re unpacking your hoverboard on Christmas morning: what do you do next? Do you wait for the snow to melt and then take it outside for a spin? Or do you practice in the living room and end up hugging the Christmas tree? Of course, you go for the latter.

We suspect something similar happened to this guy. He probably didn’t want to do it but was forced into it by peer pressure. He was told the basics, but that same peer pressure made him feel the need to skip some very important steps and move straight to the advanced difficulty level. Bad idea for him, and a lot worse for that glass on the wall.


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