Hoverboard Explodes Repeatedly at RV Park From Overheating While Charging

Hoverboard explodes repeatedly at RV park in the UK 9 photos
Photo: Facebook / Dawlish Fire Station
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Hoverboards remain incredibly popular, despite the injuries some riders suffered while learning to ride them and warnings that their battery could overheat while charging, causing an explosion / fire.
The videos at the bottom of the page are meant to educate parents that hoverboards are not a toy, regardless what the kids might say. Neither are they entirely safe: they can and do overheat, and they do burst up in flames. This particular hoverboard exploded several times and continued smoking and burning even after a powder fire extinguisher was used on it.

The warning comes from the Dawlish Fire Station after a recent incident at a local RV park: the Cofton Holiday Park in Devon, UK. The parents of the owner of the hoverboard noticed smoke coming from it as it was charging under the RV, so the dad pulled it out into the open to see what was wrong with it.

It’s a good thing he did that, because it wasn’t long before it was on fire, sending sparks at some distance in the park.

“This afternoon we had a call to Cofton Holiday Park, to what was described as a small fire in the open. When the crew arrived they found that the fire involved a hoverboard,which was on charge under the caravan awning. The owners saw some smoke coming from the board so moved it outside but as they did it exploded!”
the firefighters say on Facebook.

“Luckily they had a dry powder extinguisher and used it..The crew checked the board with a thermal image camera and used a hosereel to damp it down. We have the owners permission to use the following video to illustrate how lucky they were to be on site at the time as this could've ended very differently,”
the post further says.

Though the dad doused the burning hoverboard and moved it to another spot, it kept blowing smoke. Then, it burst into flames again, with the kid inside the RV counting at least 2 more explosions. It was quite a feisty hoverboard for such a little and apparently harmless thing.

As the firefighters say, it’s a good thing they were called to appraise the situation. It’s just as good that the dad had made sure to fit the RV with the powder fire extinguisher.

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