Hot Slovakian WooHoo Racer Girls Go From Drifting Apprentices to Sliding Masters

We have a thing for lending a world wide web hand to aficionados who want to make it big in the drifting world and one of the best examples of this comes from Slovakia, the home country of the WooHoo Girls.
Hot Slovakian WooHoo Racer Girls drifting 5 photos
Hot Slovakian WooHoo Racer Girls driftingHot Slovakian WooHoo Racer Girls driftingHot Slovakian WooHoo Racer Girls driftingHot Slovakian WooHoo Racer Girls drifting
We've featured Nina Zagozdzon and Silvia Nedecka on previous occasions, with the racer girls engaging in spicy high-octane adventures, from driving a Koenigsegg at the Nurburgring to hooning an M4 on Slovakia Ring.

And we're back on the topic to show you yet another adventure of the tire-smoking hotties. However, this time around, Nina goes from drifting apprentice to drifting master, as she seeks to educate Boosted Boris in the art of delivering slip angles.

In case you haven't followed our Nordschleife-related stories, we'll explain Boosted Boris is one of the Nurburgring settlers that keeps the Green Hell social media ball spinning these days. Oh and he also enjoys Koenigsegg wine, as we've shown you in the past.

Returning to the drifting tuition episode we have here, the action sees Nina teaching Boris a few sideways stunts in the WhooHoo Girls E30 BMW 3 Series.

Don't expect things to go smoothly though. For one thing, this E30 could use some extra power for getting out of those tricky sideways moments. Nevertheless, with the girls having serious WhooHooning plans, such as attending next year's Gumball 3000, we expect the Bimmer to get an upgrade. WooHoo knows? Perhaps the girls will even switch to another drift car altogether.

Should this piece of footage give you the sliding itch, please keep in mind that practicing such moves requires a space without traffic. Sure, your car might not be packed with a hydraulic handbrake or an extreme-angle steering setup such as those hooned by the pros, but everybody has to start somewhere, so it's okay.

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