Hot Road Pedelecs Look Sharp, Cost a Small Fortune

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There are no things that look great and work well to come cheap, and the most recent proof for this comes from France. The Chopper and the Racer are two pedelec modes manufactured by a small workshop near France's capital Paris, and they sort of speak for themselves.

Electric bicycles
with retro looks appear to be the new fad in the two-wheeler industry, and we've even seen models built with actual parts sourced from either scrapyards or new-old-stock finds. But the Hot Road pedelecs are different.

These bikes may look minimalist, but it takes around three to four months to have one machine ready because everything si made in-house with only a few exceptions. In fact, Hot Road is making bicycles, but they will electrify them on request.

Because these nifty two-wheelers are made by hand, they are unique, and Hot Road will also customize them according to the desires of the client. Customers can, of course, choose the color and type of finish, engraving, seats, bars and pretty much all the details can be tweaked.

Now, this is already a shortcut to high prices, and it looks like Hot Road's bicycles come with €3,900 ($4,390) price tags, for a start. More detailed customization will, obviously, cause you to reach deeper into the pocket.

On the electric side, Hot Road also offers several choices, with battery packs of either 12 or 15 amps that can yield 45 to 60 km (28-37 miles) on a charge. Motors can be installed in the rear hub or can be mid-mounted in the crank area. Making things even more exclusive, Hot Road can even equip these pedelecs with automatic NuVinci Harmony gearboxes, TechVechi reports.

Among other optional equipment, the same source indicates LED lights, bespoke saddles, travel accessories, and more. Apparently, even bigger batteries and more powerful motors are also available. The base prices for the 12A version is €5400 ($6,075) while the bigger one retails for a whopping €7,800 ($8,775).

Clearly not the kind of bike you'd let outside your office building unattended for hours, a Hot Road will, however, turn a lot of heads and cause envy, while providing its owner with all the joys of riding a pedelec.
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