Hot Australian Girl Drives Nissan GT-R at 180 MPH

Australian girls are usually hot... wait, that’s not what we wanted to say... well it was what we were thinking. Ups!
Let’s try a different intro to this story that won’t get us in trouble. Australian girl are known for their joyful, easygoing nature and the fact that they can hold their liqueur just as well as any guy. That didn’t come right either.

Right, third try! Australians have to drive on the wrong side on the road. There, that’s better!

Internet personality and supercar owner Robert Himler has filmed one those reaction videos everyone does these days. But instead of the hot Australian girl riding shotgun, she gets to do the driving in a brand new Nissan GT-R. What’s more, she’s never driven in Left Hand Drive. Well, it’s not like the GT-R has a manual gearbox.

Cute little Amy wears a huge ring and takes her eyes off the road while doing a 180 mph run in a supercar!


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